Chloe’s Dinosaur Patchwork Quilt

My little girl Chloe has been talking about dinosaur ever since I took her to the Qld museum. She has fallen absolutely in love with them.

After some lady rudely knocked her over in Spotlight, I picked up a bolt of a green dinosaur fabric and bought 1.5 meters and 2 meters of white quilters homespun. This brought back a smile to her face.


For Chloe’s quilt I used a double pinwheel block, and embroidered dinosaurs on the white squares.

For the pinwheels I had cut 6″ squares 46 in total from the dinosaur fabric and the same from the white. For the border I cut the white homespun in 5.5″ squares.


For the 6″ squares I drew a diagonal line then sewed a half inch seam either side of this line.



After sewing I cut down the center line and cut the excess from the corners. This gave 2 pieces for the pinwheel equalling a 5.5″ square.


I took 4 of these squares and sewed them together as per my pattern to form a pinwheel.

Chloe dinosaur quilt

For the double pinwheel effect, I took 2 pinwheel construction squares and two 5.5″ white squares and sewed them together following my pattern. The first row consisted of the 3 pinwheel squares and 2 white double pinwheel construction blocks.

The second row I sewed 4 pinwheel squares in the opposite direction. This row contained 2 pinwheel squares and 3 white double pinwheel construction blocks.

Double Pinwheel Quilt

Before sewing all rows together I embroidered the dinosaurs on the large white areas. I then sewed 5 rows together alternating between rows 1 & 2.


The border consists of pinwheel squares and white 5.5″ squares to finish the double pinwheel pattern.


I still have to buy the batting and backing fabric, so it is not quite yet finish. I will post later the end result.



DIY Children’s Wedding Activity Book

For my wedding there will be a number of young kids that will be attending. So as an activity to keep them occupied and happy throughout the reception I decided to make activity books for them. Later on I will be adding pencils and perhaps bubbles to keep them even more amused, but for now I have just made the books a part of their activity pack.


Supplies needed:

Cardboard for cover

Printer paper

Double sided satin ribbon

Hole punch.

Various colouring in pages.

I used Microsoft word to create them, each book has 20 pages in them that contains various puzzles and colouring in pages.


 The colouring-in pages are from the internet which I downloaded and inserted them into Microsoft Word to add to the book. If you Google Wedding  coloring in pages you get quite a lot of free pictures to use.


 I added a ‘find a word’ puzzle that included our names. This was completed by using a table in Microsoft word. I added the words that I wanted to use then filled them in with random ones.


 To bind it I used a ribbon book binding technique with satin ribbon. I punched the book with three holes using a hole punch then it was just a matter of weaving in and out working your way down and back up again without going over the same section twice.



I then thread the ribbon in and out to bind tying a bow at the end. Hopefully the kids will like them.


The start of a wedding dress.

I have planned to make my own wedding dress, which seamed to be a crazy idea at one point in time, now I believe that it’s a great idea. Most of my sewing accomplishments have been sewing for my girls, a wedding dress was never on the cards, but now it’s the perfect opportunity to show off some hidden talent.

My wedding has been an idea that has been going around for some time, although it has never really taken off. It’s always ‘Let’s set a date’, then something will happen that pushes it to the back of our minds and we forget about it. After having kids and living together for a long time it’s importance dwindled and faded away. So after thirteen years we’re trying for one last time to make it a reality, if it doesn’t happen this time it’ll have to be Vegas or some far off place. Either way I think we can a great deal of fun.

I have browsed for dresses before and have bought numerous patterns, it is actually the McCalls pattern 5807 style A that I’m planning on using. There will be some modifications made but the overall shape is something that I’m looking for. After all the years of witnessing friends and family getting married I made the decision that a non-white gown was for me. My sketches below show how I’m thinking of sewing it. I’m not entirely sure of the bodice but I’ll try and work the details later.

After making a quick toile (which stills needs some work) I worked out how much fabric I needed and I traveled to Logan to a fine fabrics store and found a shell pink satin that was perfect. A champagne beaded lace completed the look that I was looking for.

So I’m working my way onto my next part the wedding dress adventure and making yet another toile to figure out all the exact details and shape.