Chloe’s finished dinosaur quilt

Today I finally finished sewing Chloe’s dinosaur quilt together.

Dinosaur Quilt 1

I used a bamboo blend for the batting. The bamboo blend batting is 50% bamboo and 50% cotton, it ‘s quite thin and suitable for a summer quilt project.

Prior to sewing the layers together I first soakedĀ the batting in warm water for 20 minutes. Rinsed and gently squeezed out the excess water by rolling in a towel. then laid it flat to dry.

To quilt the layers together I just added buttons in the center of the pinwheels and some extra holding points to keep the quilt together.

I used white cotton fabric for the binding, this in 2.5 inch strips.

Dinosaur Quilt

Dinosaur Quilt 4

Dinosaur Quilt 3