About Me

Hi there! Let me spend a moment to introduce myself my name is Thomasina Whalley, I am a thirty two year old who has a passion of sewing and designing and have now turned it into a blog.

I am a sewing hobby enthusiast who is always constructing, drafting, and altering my next creation. I am always looking for new things to create and share, and I have four young daughters to share the experience with.

My passion for sewing has originated from mother, who was a professional sewing machinist for numerous lingerie and medical companies over the years, before giving it up to be an at home mother. I feel that now I am currently following in my mothers shoes. I am constantly sewing costumes and clothes for my young girls spending all my spare time trying new techniques out. I am now passing my sewing passion down to them.

I wish I could say that my day job was being a mother and professional designer, but that is not the case. I have a full time position with a brisbane based company in a completely different field and I have to find the time for sewing in amongst being a mother. As such I don’t always have the time for my hobby, but there is nothing else that would want to do in my spare time.

My blogging decision has come about after deciding to make my own wedding dress. I would love to share this experience and in someway hope that it may help others who find themselves wanting to do the same. After all not all of us are professionals but we shouldn’t let it stop us.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find some of the explorations and findings helpful in your own sewing and design projects.




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