Blue Simplicity Disney Fairies Costume 1792


Poor Chloe’s Yellow fairy dress has now ended up with the tulle all tattered and torn around the bottom of the skirt. The spotted tulle is losing it ‘s spots from washing.

I had some blue fabric left over from Jessica’s Elsa costume so today I made Chloe yet another fairy dress. This time I made view A in blue satin and crystal organza in a size 2.

1IMG_6711 1IMG_6709

Instead of using tulle for the skirt overlay I used white organza, in the hope that it won’t get as tattered and torn as quickly as tulle. I only used I layer of organza instead of two, also because of the width of the fabric it was cut smaller in width than the pattern. I also only used two pieces of the skirt back and side back overlay piece 10 instead of 3 because I ran out of fabric.

1IMG_6720 1IMG_6723

After sewing it all together it looked more like a princess dress than a fairy costume, so I didn’t add the Velcro for the wings on the dress and I’m not making the another set of wings.


I now hope that this lasts a little longer than the yellow one, although it’ll be hard to get her out of it.




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