Chloe’s Dinosaur Patchwork Quilt

My little girl Chloe has been talking about dinosaur ever since I took her to the Qld museum. She has fallen absolutely in love with them.

After some lady rudely knocked her over in Spotlight, I picked up a bolt of a green dinosaur fabric and bought 1.5 meters and 2 meters of white quilters homespun. This brought back a smile to her face.


For Chloe’s quilt I used a double pinwheel block, and embroidered dinosaurs on the white squares.

For the pinwheels I had cut 6″ squares 46 in total from the dinosaur fabric and the same from the white. For the border I cut the white homespun in 5.5″ squares.


For the 6″ squares I drew a diagonal line then sewed a half inch seam either side of this line.



After sewing I cut down the center line and cut the excess from the corners. This gave 2 pieces for the pinwheel equalling a 5.5″ square.


I took 4 of these squares and sewed them together as per my pattern to form a pinwheel.

Chloe dinosaur quilt

For the double pinwheel effect, I took 2 pinwheel construction squares and two 5.5″ white squares and sewed them together following my pattern. The first row consisted of the 3 pinwheel squares and 2 white double pinwheel construction blocks.

The second row I sewed 4 pinwheel squares in the opposite direction. This row contained 2 pinwheel squares and 3 white double pinwheel construction blocks.

Double Pinwheel Quilt

Before sewing all rows together I embroidered the dinosaurs on the large white areas. I then sewed 5 rows together alternating between rows 1 & 2.


The border consists of pinwheel squares and white 5.5″ squares to finish the double pinwheel pattern.


I still have to buy the batting and backing fabric, so it is not quite yet finish. I will post later the end result.



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