DIY Children’s Wedding Activity Book

For my wedding there will be a number of young kids that will be attending. So as an activity to keep them occupied and happy throughout the reception I decided to make activity books for them. Later on I will be adding pencils and perhaps bubbles to keep them even more amused, but for now I have just made the books a part of their activity pack.


Supplies needed:

Cardboard for cover

Printer paper

Double sided satin ribbon

Hole punch.

Various colouring in pages.

I used Microsoft word to create them, each book has 20 pages in them that contains various puzzles and colouring in pages.


 The colouring-in pages are from the internet which I downloaded and inserted them into Microsoft Word to add to the book. If you Google Wedding  coloring in pages you get quite a lot of free pictures to use.


 I added a ‘find a word’ puzzle that included our names. This was completed by using a table in Microsoft word. I added the words that I wanted to use then filled them in with random ones.


 To bind it I used a ribbon book binding technique with satin ribbon. I punched the book with three holes using a hole punch then it was just a matter of weaving in and out working your way down and back up again without going over the same section twice.



I then thread the ribbon in and out to bind tying a bow at the end. Hopefully the kids will like them.



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