Vogue 7593 Girls Smocked Apron and Dress.

I have always loved smocked dresses. I find them easy to make and love the look of them. Although have never owned a smocking pleater and have always completed my smocking by hand sewing.

Vogue Front view

I have had this Vogue pattern for quite some time, unfortunately over time the instruction sheet has gone missing and for some reason the dots for the smocking also went missing. I did make the apron once before without the smocking for an Alice in Wonderland costume which turned out lovely. This time for Chloe I made the apron and dress a size 2 with the smocked apron.

Vogue front_6474

The Fabric I used was a poly/cotton blend Fabric.

The Dress:  Chloe’s dress is made from Dress A and Apron E. Since I didn’t have the iron on transfer I marked out a 1/4″ by 1/2″ grid using a water erasable fabric pen. I hand sewed  the thread through the fabric then pulled the threads up to pleat. I used the template for the bodice to stretch out the pleats to the right width, and tied the threads of.

PleatingIMG_2760 Smocking IMG_2769

Since I didn’t have the instruction for the embroidery I drew up my own pattern. I counted the pleats to find the middle and started sewing from here (left to right, and right to left). My pattern is pretty much a diamond pattern. (Embroidery photo). I embroidered bullion roses across the bottom where shown from my pattern. Three Bullion roses were embroidered on the top with a couple of forget-me-not flowers and leaves.

Smokcing pattern IMG_2768

After the pleating and embroidery was completed I started to sew the apron together. I found this pretty straight forward to do. I sewed the smocked front to the top bodice without the piping.

vogue Front Bodice6481

I found that everything lined up well and was pretty straight forward. On the packet it said that it was advanced I think this is just because of the smocking. Without the smocking it is quiet easy to sew.

  Vogue FrontVogue side_6472

Theses are the photos of Jess when I made this for an Alice in wonderland Costume. This was sewn using the pinafore D pattern without the pintucked front and the embroidery.

217754_2061950188034_1926006_n 215056_2061948988004_5872772_n


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