Simplicity Disney Fairies Costume 1792

 After making all of my girls costumes, my two wanted her own special little costume. With her being so small it was hard to find a pattern in my stash that would fit her, so I went out and bought the Simplicity Fairy Costume Pattern 1792.

1792 petals

Pattern Description: Disney Fairies costume for toddler & child. Dress with tutu, pants and wings depicts Tinker Bell, Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist and Iridessa.

1792 fron dress view

Pattern size: 1/2 – 3. I made size 2.

The Fabric: Satin, Organza and Tulle.1792 close up skirt view

The dress:  When I showed Chloe the pattern she picked the yellow Iridessa Costume. Going to the my local fabric store I had to find try and find the fabric. Trying to match colour was difficult as there wasn’t much choice in yellow, without going for hideous bright colour. I ended up picking up a lovely gold colour satin, an ivory satin for the center panel and a white and yellow organza. The tulle I bought from a different store there was one layer of plain white tulle with the top layer being a poker dot tulle. White because I couldn’t find a nice yellow.

1792 front viewSewing the dress together was relatively easy. I liked how full the skirt looked and the petals above the skirt. I didn’t add all the trimming on the top and around the skirt, the little one was a little impatient.

1792 front skirt

The wings were a little floppy but I didn’t add the chenillle pipe cleaners, I don’t think it would have stopped them from flopping over though.

1792 Back dress

If I was going to make it again I would most probably try and add some wire or something to try and stiffen it up. 1792 front dress


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