McCalls M5731 Princess Sewing Pattern Review

My gorgeous little 4 year old has been bugging me lately for a costume. She has seen her older sisters getting costumes made for their school book week dress up day, school fundraising events and birthdays. Today she got her wish.


I had started to make an Elsa (Frozen) costume for my seven year old, but I ended up putting that on hold for the time being just to make her this dress.

The pattern: Dress, close-fitting through bodice has princess seams, gathered skirt, back zipper, sleeve variations and purchased trims; costume A, C have front lacing, optional purchased wand. I made view C.

Sizing: 3-8. Of which I made size 3-4.

The Fabric: A Cotton fabric with no print in purple and white, with lace for the sleeves and a silver trim.


The dress: This is actually  my second attempt at making this dress. I had first tried to make it for my daughters book week costume earlier on in the year. Unfortunately it didn’t really work out all the well for her. It was loose the center panel was way too low, and it wouldn’t sit on her shoulders. The whole thing just frustrated me, and I hated it. I had tried a smaller size but it still didn’t work.  I was a little worried that I would have to redraft the whole pattern to get this to work for Mia.


After my first attempt I had figured out what was going to work so I made some small modifications to it. Originally the front panel was too low so this time I increased the length of the front panel at the top by 2 inches. Because I the increased height I added an extra ribbon crossover as well. For the shoulder I increased the width at the neckline by 1 inch so that it wouldn’t slip of her shoulders. I also increased the back neckline by two inches to match the front.
For the sleeves I only added one lace ruffle instead of two, I just made this from a strip of 9cm wide lace trim sewn end to end then gathered slightly.


The rest of the pattern worked out fine. The skirt is gathered suit the bodice width and is pretty simple to sew together. I used a silver trim around the back neckline down to the front skirt seams. which is also used for the trimming around the sleeves.

As a recommendation to other sewers and mums, this is a good pattern that is relatively simple to sew but may need some modifications to the bodice to get it to fit.

I was worried that because it was plain cotton with no pattern that it would be a little too plain and boring but in the end it looks pretty good. She absolutely loves it, and it worked out better then what I was expecting.


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